Frank Herbert: Children of Dune

Uddrag af bogen: Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interest of the ruling class – whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, […]

Frank Herbert: Dune

Uddrag af bogen:   You cannot avoid the interplay of politics within an orthodox religion.This power struggle permeates the training, educating and disciplining the orthodox community. Because of this pressure, the leaders of such a community inevitably must face that ultimate internal question: to succumb to complete opportunism as the price of maintaining their rule, […]

Niels E. Nielsen, Narrens drøm

Uddrag af bogen “Iøvrigt tror jeg, et nyt begreb er ved at opstå i ikke-europæernes bevidsthed. Kommentatorerne bruger næsten ikke mere navnet Europa. De taler om Zone O.” Zone O? De sad og smagte på ordet. Zone O – “Jeg tror, at navnet må forstås som ‘ikke-eksisterende område’,” sagde Gnisten skarpsindigt. “Halvt tvunget af omstændighederne […]